25 challenges while travelling

Recently I travelled to the UAE – the United Arab Emirates. I usually travel a lot, mostly at least twice a year, but normally I only travel to Germany, because most of my family lives there.

I live in Denmark, so those travels are quite short, and I know how everything works. But when travelling outside of Europe, things are quite a lot more complicated. To give you some insight into all my thoughts and worries, I decided to write them all down.

  1. I have to go to the airport by train. I hope there’s space for my luggage between the seats. It’s so heavy. I don’t think I can lift it to the shelf on top of the seats.
  2. Talking about heavy: I have to use an elevator at the train station. What if it gets stuck and I miss my train?
  3. I have a seat reservation for the train. What if I don’t enter the train at the right place? Then I have to walk through the whole train with my huge suitcase.
  4. I really hope no one has taken my seat. Otherwise I’ll have to ask them to find a different seat.
  5. It would be great, if no one is sitting next to me. I feel so annoying, when I have to ask someone to get up, because I have to go to the bathroom.
  6. Well, there’s someone sitting next to me. Let’s just hope, I don’t have to go to the bathroom.
  7. What should I do in the train? I already get bored after half an hour, but I have to travel for several hours.
  8. Oh my god, I’m really weird. Now I even worry, that I could forget my suitcase in the train.
  9. Last time it was difficult for me to find the right terminal. Let’s see, if I can find it this time.
  10. I really hope there’s no self-service at luggage drop off. I just can’t figure out how it works.
  11. Let’s hope, that I can find my way through security and to my gate.
  12. I still need to find something to eat, because I don’t really like the food on the plane.
  13. Great, passport control is without staff, so you have to scan your passport yourself. I have no idea, how that works. I wish I could run away.
  14. For entering the plane there are different zones. Let’s hope I’ll notice when it’s my turn.
  15. Boarding is a huge chaos. There are so many people and I don’t have any idea where to go. I’m really overwhelmed.
  16. Let’s hope, that there’s still space in the overhead cabins. I really don’t want to have all my hand luggage in front of me.
  17. Last time I couldn’t adjust my seat. I hope I can this time.
  18. Where can I plug in my headphones? That’s at a different place each plane.
  19. Let’s hope I’ll get the vegetarian food, I’ve ordered.
  20. It’s such a long flight. I’m already bored after an hour.
  21. I have a headache. But my food is on the tray in front of me, so I can’t reach my headache pills.
  22. Now I also feel nauseous. I really don’t want to throw up on a plane.
  23. I arrived. That’s quite good. But now there’s passport control again. Last time I had no idea, where to go. Let’s hope it works better this time.
  24. What if I can’t find the right way to baggage claim?
  25. I meet my dad at the airport. Let’s see, if I can find him.

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    1. Maybe disability assistance at the airport would be a great idea for you. I tried it some months ago, You meet up with someone from the service at a meeting point and then they go through the whole airport and to your gate with you. I’ll write more about it in a blog post soon.

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