Autism and weighted blankets

After I got my autism diagnosis three years ago, I read about weighted blankets. There were so many stories and articles about people, who were finding it much easier to relax, when they had a weighted blanket. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about those weighted blankets. But luckily, I got one and it’s so awesome to relax with a weighted blanket. I don’t ever want to be without one again.

What are weighted blankets?
I feel like there’s been risen a lot more awareness about weighted blankets within the last months. At least in Denmark. Earlier on you had to buy weighted blankets in special online shops. Now they are even sold in the bigger grocery stores. So, a lot more people know, that weighted blankets even exist. If you don’t know anything about weighted blankets anyway, here’s a short explanation. A weighted blanket is simply a blanket that weighs more than a usual one. I actually have two weighted blankets. One weighs 6kg and the other 12kg.

What does a weighted blanket help with?
Now you know what a weighted blanket is, but you’re maybe still wondering, why you should use one. Weighted blankets can really help with a lot of things. Some use them, because they have troubles sleeping. Others feel stress or anxiety and need to calm down. You could say that a weighted blanket feels like a big hug and makes you relax.

Who are weighted blankets recommended for?
Some people say, that weighted blankets especially help people with an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or ADD, anxiety and sleep problems. But I definitely think people without a diagnosis can benefit from weighted blankets as well. Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work. Your partner might not be at home yet. Then you can just lay down with your weighted blanket. It will feel like a warm hug and help you relax much quicker.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?
There are different recommendations for how heavy a weighted blanket should be. Some say around 10% of your body weight. Some say a bit more. I would definitely recommend testing one. As I mentioned before, I first got a weighted blanket that only weighs 6kg. I chose that, because it fit to the 10%+, but really, I could use a lot more weight. The 12kg one is quite heavy and difficult to handle, but maybe 10kg would be perfect for me. But you probably shouldn’t compare yourself to me, because it’s really individual, what feels best for each person.

Shutdowns and weighted blankets
As you probably already know after reading this blog post, I’m totally in love with my weighted blankets. They help me relax and calm down when I’m stressed. But most of all my weighted blankets help me when I have a shutdown. During my shutdowns I sometimes feel like I’m totally falling apart and that’s when the weighted blankets come in really handy. My weighted blankets make me feel safe and whole again.
If you’re interested, here’s the link to the 6kg weighted blanket, I have:

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