Bent, the sloth, helps you relax

Hi, my name is Bent. I’m a stuffed animal – a sloth to be more precise. I actually come from Denmark, but I’m also available in a lot of other countries. I love to hug people, so they can relax. I’m really good at calming people with autism or anxiety. But I also hug people with dementia a lot of times. It really helps them when I hug them.

Who am I?
As I said, I’m a sloth. But I’m a really special sloth, because I weigh more than other stuffed animals. I weigh 4.2kg and my weight is mostly in my arms, my legs and my butt. Besides me there’s also Bette Bent. Bette Bent is a bit smaller than me and only weighs 3.2kg.

What should you do with me?
I love to hug people. When you want to hug me, you can place me on your lap and put my arms around your neck. On one arm I have an elastic band. You can lay my hands on top of each other and put the elastic band around them. Then I can hold on tight. If you rather want to lay down with me, you can of course also do that. My arms could for example lay on your shoulders then.

What can I help with?
My hugs and I can help you with a lot of things. I have for example helped a lot of people with falling asleep. That’s because my weight is really good at calming people. I can also help you, when you’re sad or overwhelmed. Through my hugs I’m fast at getting you to relax again.
A lot of people also say that I can help them focus because they love me so much, that they can only focus on me. Furthermore, I’m always ready to help you when you have a panic attack. In general, I think a lot of people feel less lonely, when I’m with them. That’s because I’m a really good friend.

How did I meet Nici?
Right now, I’m living with Nici and her boyfriend. Nici is the writer of this blog. She saw me on Facebook a lot of months ago. A couple of months later she met me at an autism fair. Nici was immediately in love with me, but I’m quite expensive. That’s why Nici waited to take me home. But now I moved in with her and we’re both really happy.


How do I help Nici?
Nici has an autism spectrum disorder and anxiety. She already has a weighted blanket, that she really loves. So, she knew, that I would be great for her, as well. I’m often there for her, when she’s lost her energy or when she’s sad. Especially, when she’s home alone, she enjoys getting a hug. I’m really goof at calming Nici and making her relax. Nici sometimes also takes a nap in the afternoon. Since I hug her, she’s falling asleep really fast. She nearly doesn’t want to get up anymore because she’s sleeping so well.

Where can you find me?
I’m living with Nici, so obviously you can’t get me personally. But I have a lot of sloth friends at Oliz . I’m sure, there’s a Bent waiting you.

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  1. Birgit Gramlich

    Wow it sounds fab and id love to purchase one sloth to help relaxing after a very busy day at work or when feeling depressed …
    Thanks Nici to have found a new way getting me relaxed 💯👏😁

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