About me

My name is Nici and I’m 26. I was born and raised in Germany but moved to Denmark when I was 19. In April 2017 I was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome. At that time, I’ve already suffered from several mental health issues for years. But nobody had ever suspected that I could have autism.

Mental health
My mental health issues started when I was 15. I was self-harming. When doctors noticed, they soon suspected that I could have a beginning Borderline personality disorder. I was tested for it several times over the years, but I definitely don’t have a personality disorder. Partly because I didn’t feel understood by my doctors and therapists, I developed an eating disorder. I was 17 at that point.

Moving to Denmark
After graduating from high school, I moved to Denmark. Originally, I just wanted to stay for half a year, but that was in 2014 and now I’m still living in Denmark. So, it somehow turned into something permanent. I’ve always enjoyed living in Denmark. But my mental health didn’t improve just by moving to a new country. I got a depression one year after moving. My life was a big mess and with the knowledge I have today it totally makes sense that I couldn’t handle it. Because of my autism I really dislike changes and my life was full of changes at that time. So, I was really overwhelmed.

I like to take pictures

My first studies
I first started studying in 2015. I haven’t had my autism diagnosis at that point. My studies were really not structured a lot and there was group work all the time. I started to feel depressed again and left my studies halfway through my third semester. I was first on sick leave. But within this period, I received my autism diagnosis. And that made me decide to find a different study that would fit my needs better.

My autism diagnosis
It was a huge coincidence that I found out about my autism. I’d been in treatment for my eating disorder and depression for several years, but as you probably can guess from the name of my blog, my autism was always overlooked. One day I was watching tv. I was actually not really watching but my tv was turned on and I listened a bit. Suddenly I heard so many things that fit to me, so I decided to watch the program and I found out that it was about autism. I knew immediately that I was autistic, too. So, I talked to my psychologist and she diagnosed me a few weeks later.

New studies and a boyfriend
In 2017 I decided to try to study again. I started a 2.5-years program in computer science. I didn’t know anything about programming beforehand, but I really enjoy it now. In my first semester I got a tutor to help me structure my homework and projects. He was studying computer science as well and was just a few semesters ahead. One day he asked me on a date. So, we met, became a couple a few weeks later and now we’re living together.