What do you dream of?

Some years ago, I attended a school where all students were asked at the beginning of the year, what their dreams were. I’ve always hated those kinds of questions, because I never knew what to answer. I never really had a dream. I had never been extraordinarily interested in something or had a passion for something. Now it has changed. I do have a dream. I dream of spreading awareness about autism.

Earlier diagnosis
I dream of others being able to get their diagnosis earlier. There are way too many autistic people who don’t know about their diagnosis because it’s been overlooked by professionals. That’s one of the reasons why I started my blog. I hope that me sharing my experiences can help undiagnosed autistics find out about their autism. I’ve heard of so many autistic people who only got their diagnosis because they stumbled upon texts or videos about autism and they could see themselves in it. I mean, that’s also what happened to me. I only found out, that I’m autistic because I saw a tv show about autism.

Less mental health issues
I dream of early diagnoses having a good effect on people’s mental health. I personally think that I could have avoided so many mental health issues, if I had known earlier about my autism. I got an eating disorder because I didn’t feel understood. I got a depression, because there were too many changes in my life. And I currently suffer from anxiety because I still haven’t learned how to take care of myself in the best way. If I had already learned as a child, how to cope with autism and how to take care of myself, I probably could have avoided at least some of my mental health issues.

Less prejudices
I dream of decreasing the amount of prejudices there are about autism. There are many people who have heard about autism, but there are really few who actually know what autism is. Most people think that autistic people either are nonverbal and rely on help 24/7 or that they are extremely gifted. There are those kinds of autistic people, but there are also the ones somewhere on the spectrum in between. And those people are way too often overlooked.

Help for autistic people
I dream of being able to share how others can help autistic people. We are just as normal as everyone else. We just have some challenges, where it could be great to receive some understanding and support. I hope that my blog can give some insights into how at least some autistic people are thinking and experiencing the world.

Help me fulfill my dream
Because of all these dreams I started writing my blog. I really hope that I can get closer to fulfilling my dreams. And maybe you want to help me with it. You could like or share my page or just tell your friends and family a bit more about autism.

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