Life with autism

Autism overlooked

Way too often autism is overlooked by doctors, therapists and psychologists. Even though it’s possible to already diagnose autism in children, a lot of autistic people first get their diagnosis as adults. The same thing happened to me. I was 22, when I got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome in 2017.

Autism in females
Especially girls and women can be extremely good at masking their symptoms. The first thing, I mostly hear, when I tell, that I am autistic, is: You don’t look autistic. Or: You must be really high functioning. But that’s because I really try to fit into society all the time. I’ve learned, what people expect of me and that’s how I behave now. And that’s the big difference between autistic and non-autistic people. Non-autistic people apparently know all social rules by heart, whereas autistic people have to learn everything from scratch.

Autism spectrum disorder vs. Aspergers
Is it called autism spectrum disorder or Aspergers? My blog is called “autism overlooked” and I mostly write about autism (spectrum disorder), but I do occasionally mention Aspergers as my diagnosis. Here’s the reason why: I am currently living in Denmark and there we use the term Aspergers. So my official diagnosis is Aspergers syndrome. But I know there are many (especially English speaking) countries that use the term autism spectrum disorder. That’s why I mostly write about autism.

German, Danish, English
I first started to write about my autism online in 2017. I was born and raised in Germany but moved to Denmark in 2014. That’s why I originally only had a German and Danish blog. But I got so much feedback that I thought it would be great to reach even more people. So I started to write in English as well.

My goal
I was diagnosed at the age of 22. That’s late but there are many people who are even older, when they get their diagnosis. The main reason why I started this blog is to spread awareness so that such late diagnoses can be avoided. A lot of autistic people struggle with mental health issues anyway, so an early diagnosis is really important.